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Odeta Hasli Necklace

Odeta Hasli Necklace

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Crafted with finesse and perfection--this iconic Hasli necklace features Turquoise Crystals and intricate golden motifs embellished with Morning Star and Pastel Plum stones. Pair this with the Odeta Studs to complete your look.

  • Colour: Yellow Gold
  • Size : Adjustable
  • Dimensions (CM) : 14x11.6
  • Material: Made with recycled brass and equipped with above-industry standard quality, and thickness of protective layering, anti-allergen coating, and 22 karat gold-plating

SKU: 5033


To ensure your Aulerth pieces retain their quality for as long as possible, store them by themselves in a cool and dry place, preferably using the original packaging. Do not bend or fold jewelry while storing them. Keep your jewelry away from perfume, hairspray, soap and water and even lotion, these can dull the sheen of your metal or cause damage to the stones.


This piece will be delivered in 7 working days.
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