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Handwoven Red Silk Sari

Handwoven Red Silk Sari

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280 handloom weaving hours

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This piece will be dispatched in 7-10 working days depending on delivery location.


Our handwoven red silk sari is inspired by Victorian insignias and is sublimated with our age-old weaving technique of 'Rangkat'. It features intricate patterns deriving their roots from the Victorian era interpreted with modern aesthetics. The sari has been handwoven in Banaras over a span of 280 hours employing the craftsmanship of Kadwa and Rangkat that involves making multiple changes in the warp and weft to produce a multicolor pattern on the textile. The sari comes with an unstitched blouse fabric.

  • Colour : Red
  • Fabric : Silk
  • Craft : Banarasi Kadwa
  • Sari Length : 5.5 meters (Approx.)
  • Sari Width : 45 inches (Approx.)
  • Blouse Length : 1 meter (Unstitched) (Approx.)
  • Blouse Width : 45 inches (Unstitched) (Approx.)
  • Suitable For : Family Gathering, Wedding

SKU: SI2215733-SA


  • Dry clean only.
  • Store garment in a muslin cloth in a dry environment, as the zari tends to react to the weather changes.
  • Avoid spraying perfume directly on the garment.
  • Air the textiles every few months.


This piece is available for shipping in 7-10 working days depending on delivery location. Also please note, that your estimated delivery date may differ in case you have chosen to add additional services such as fall and hemming, blouse stitching etc.


Please note that our textiles are handcrafted and handwoven leading to slight irregularities in design and fabric making each piece unique from others. Additionally, professional lighting may cause some colours to look slightly different on screen from what they would look like in real life. We sincerely hope you will appreciate and respect these unique traits of handloom products. For more clarity on your purchase, kindly contact us for a video call.

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