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Second Chance

An initiative to resell and revive pre-owned heirloom textiles.


Bring us your pre-owned Ekaya saris to give your wardrobe a refresh. We will assess the textile and sell it for you at a special markdown price and you will get a chance to select another brand new or a pre-owned piece using the proceeds from the sale.


Bring your Ekaya textile to us and let's see what we can do together to repurpose it with a healthy dose of imagination.

Your Ekaya textile could be transformed into that special jacket/ an Obi belt and trousers or skirt/ a shirt/ and much more. Let us recreate some magic that could be free of boundaries - it could be textile ar an accent piece, or something for your home.


Share with us your heirloom textile and we will assess the designs and weaving technique and the period they belong to. It just might get shortlisted for our second edition of “Revival” saris, where we will weave it again for you and for future generations to treasure.

This design will then become part of Ekaya's “Revival” line for others to buy those special pieces. Through this service, our vision is to keep the craft going when our craftsmen have access to our textile history and can recreate a treasured technique.


From time to time we introduce a service to our patrons to restore their treasured heirloom saris and textiles by evaluating their current condition.

We are re-opening the service to our Ekaya family for the forthcoming season to help you preserve them better in your wardrobe.


Sometimes making a commitment to rewear needs little doses of refreshments.

Repeat and Redrape your Ekaya wardrobe in your signature style. Dig deep into your wardrobe and look for other pieces you can repurpose to wear it with. Take that sari for an outing and pair it with a style that inspires you to rewear it.

If you have any heirloom textiles that you're ready to give a second chance, please fill in the form below and we will get in touch within 24 hours.

We are here to help

You can visit our stores of your choice to hand in your textiles for the Second Chance service.

Terms and Conditions

Get In Touch


Terms and Conditions:

If you have any issues or additional questions, our team will be happy to support you. You can contact us via email at info@ekaya.in, or via phone +919560467124 or you may even visit one of our stores.

Products Eligible For Ekaya’s Second Chance Service -

Resell - Only textiles purchased from Ekaya (online or in-store) are eligible for our re-sell service.

Revive - Any of your old or new banarasi textiles are eligible for our revival service.

Repurpose - Only textiles purchased from Ekaya (online or in-store) are eligible for our repurpose service.

Restore - Any of your old or new banarasi textiles are eligible for our restore service.

Rewear - We strongly encourage you to re-wear your existing textiles as many times as possible and give it a new life each time. Our team will be happy to help you style it differently if you wish to.

The charges for Second Chance are subjective to the textile and the service of your choice.

Ekaya is here to help you preserve articles of sentimental value to you and help them last a lifetime. Once you submit your request for the Second Chance Service, our experts will review the same and will be in touch with you within 24 hours.