4 Colours to Choose Apart from Quintessential Yellow for Your Haldi Ceremony

4 Colours to Choose Apart from Quintessential Yellow for Your Haldi Ceremony

Is the long-awaited day almost near? As you spend days and months bringing your dream wedding into a wonderful reality, do not forget to pay careful attention to the outfits you decide to wear. Here at Ekaya, we know that your Mehendi outfit is more than just a piece of clothing – it expresses your personal style, cherished customs, and the celebratory spirit. Our meticulously curated collection of handwoven sarees, suits, lehengas, dupattas, and customisable unstitched fabrics has been crafted with the essence of this occasion in mind. Here, we invite you to delve into a world of endless possibilities with four stunning colours, apart from the classic yellow, to make your Mehendi ceremony truly yours.

Move Over Yellow!

From canary to daffodil, marigold to turmeric, variations of this uplifting tone have long been seen on brides for their haldi or mehendi celebrations. However, now is the time to experiment with colours. Move on over yellow and think beyond. 

Four Offbeat Colours to Try on Yourself

  • Emerald Green - A Regal Affair
  • Step into the Mehendi celebration with the regal allure of emerald green. This deep and luxurious colour not only complements the traditional significance of Mehendi but also adds a touch of sophistication. Picture yourself adorned in a handwoven Banarasi lehenga or saree, intricately embellished with zari work and motifs. Ekaya's emerald green Mehendi outfits allow you to exude elegance and make a lasting impression during this joyous celebration.

  • Powder Blue - Serenity in Every Twirl
  • For brides seeking a tranquil yet festive Mehendi look, powder blue is an exquisite choice. This soft and serene colour embodies grace and style. Imagine twirling in a Banarasi lehenga or draping a handwoven saree in shades of powder blue adorned with delicate zari detailing. Ekaya's collection offers customisable options to curate a Mehendi outfit that seamlessly blends tradition with a modern touch, ensuring you feel radiant and poised on your special day.

  • Crimson Red - Passionate Elegance
  • While yellow is often associated with Mehendi ceremonies, crimson red brings a passionate and elegant twist to the celebration. This bold and vibrant colour symbolises love and celebration, making it an ideal choice for brides who want to make a statement. Ekaya's handwoven Banarasi lehengas and sarees in crimson red, adorned with intricate zari work, allow you to embrace tradition with a contemporary flair, creating a Mehendi ensemble that resonates with timeless beauty.

  • Lilac Purple - Whimsical Romance
  • Lilac purple introduces a whimsical and romantic touch to your Mehendi ensemble. This enchanting colour exudes charm and grace, making it perfect for brides who want to infuse a sense of romance into their look. Picture yourself in a handwoven Banarasi suit or saree adorned with delicate zari work in shades of lilac purple. Ekaya's customisable Mehendi outfits ensure you stand out with a captivating allure on this special day.


    At Ekaya, we invite you to explore Mehendi outfit colours beyond the quintessential yellow, allowing you to express your individuality and style on this joyous occasion. Whether you choose the regal emerald green, serene powder blue, passionate crimson red, or whimsical lilac purple, our handwoven Banarasi sarees, suits, lehengas, dupattas, and customisable unstitched fabrics are crafted to make your Mehendi celebration truly memorable. Step into the world of Ekaya, where tradition meets modernity, and every Mehendi outfit tells a story of elegance, joy, and enduring beauty.