Saree Styling for Different Body Types: Tips and Tricks

Saree Styling for Different Body Types: Tips and Tricks

A symbol of timeless elegance, the saree is an iconic piece of attire that hails from the rich cultural tapestry of India. Regarded as one of the world's oldest unstitched garments, saree styling has evolved over the centuries, imbibing the nuances of changing fashion trends yet preserving its essence of tradition and grace. 

In modern times, the saree has transcended beyond its traditional roots to become a fashion staple, donned by women of all ages, across different body types, with much elan and style. However, the art of saree styling is a nuanced process that involves a delicate balance between style, fabric, and draping techniques. In essence, one size does not fit all. Different body types demand different saree wearing styles and saree draping styles to highlight the body's assets and subtly hide the perceived flaws.

Importance of Dressing up Based on Your Body Type

The saying 'Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it' holds remarkably true when it comes to saree draping style. A saree can be draped in numerous ways, each style bringing out a unique aesthetic appeal. However, the essence of saree draping style lies in understanding the interplay between the saree and your body type. 

Dressing up based on your body type is of paramount importance. It not only accentuates your best features but also subtly camouflages the areas you may feel less confident about. With the right saree wearing style and saree draping style, a saree can flatter your body proportions, rendering a balanced and harmonious look that celebrates your unique physicality.

Different Body Types and Saree Styling Tips

To bestow an enchanting allure to your saree wearing style, here are some useful saree styling tips for different body types:

  1. Hourglass Body Type: Women with an hourglass body shape have a well-defined waistline, and their bust and hip measurements are nearly equivalent. The saree draping style for this body type should emphasize these features.

   - Opt for sarees for women with a slightly broader border or embellishments at the waist to highlight your slim waist.

   - Choose sarees for women in lightweight fabrics like chiffon, georgette, or silk that cling to the body, further accentuating your curves.

   - Experiment with saree draping styles like the Nivi drape or the Gujarati drape that beautifully flatters the hourglass figure.

  1. Apple Body Type: Women with an apple body shape tend to have broader shoulders and a fuller mid-section, with a comparatively slimmer lower body. The key to the perfect saree draping style for this body type is to divert attention from the midsection.

   - Opt for sarees for women in soft and flowy fabrics like chiffon or crepe that create a sleek silhouette without adding bulk to your frame.

   - Draping the saree for women slightly higher, just above the navel, can give the illusion of a slimmer waistline.

   - Avoid heavy embellishments around the waist; instead, focus on the pallu and blouse, enhancing your upper body and drawing attention upwards, for the right saree draping style.

  1. Pear Body Type: Women with a pear-shaped body have wider hips compared to their bust. The objective of the saree draping style with this body type is to balance the lower body by adding volume to the upper body.

   - Choose saree for women in lightweight fabrics like georgette or organza that drape well and don't add unnecessary bulk to your lower body.

   - Opt for sarees for women with bold and eye-catching designs or patterns to draw attention to the upper body.

   - Saree draping styles like the Butterfly drape or the Bengali drape can add visual interest to the upper body and help balance the proportions.

  1. Rectangular Body Type: Women with a rectangular body shape have almost the same width in their bust, waist, and hips. The aim with this body type is to create curves where there aren't any, with sarees for women.

   - Opt for sarees for women with heavy borders or bold prints to create an illusion of curves.

   - Different draping styles like the Mumtaz drape or the Lehenga style can add volume and make the body appear more defined.

   - Choose sarees for women with detailed work or bold prints on the pallu to create an illusion of a fuller bust.

  1. Inverted Triangle Body Type: Women with an inverted triangle body shape have wider shoulders compared to their hips. The goal with this body type is to balance the broader upper body by adding volume to the lower body.

   - Opt for saree styling with intricate work or heavy embroidery on the lower half to draw attention downwards.

   - Draping the saree pallu in a full and pleated manner can create an illusion of a narrower upper body and fuller hips.

How do Accessories Play a Role in Saree Styling

No saree styling look is complete without the right accessories. Just as the icing on the cake, accessories add a finishing touch to your saree ensemble, adding elements of glamor, sophistication, and personality. 

  1. Statement Jewelry: Jewelry is a critical accessory when styling a saree for women. A stunning neckpiece, chandelier earrings, or intricate bangles can draw attention to your upper body and face, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. For heavily embellished saree styling, opt for subtle, elegant pieces of jewelry. On the other hand, with a simple, solid-color saree, don't shy away from donning statement jewelry to add a pop of color and glamour.
  1. Belts: Belts or 'kamarbandhs' can be a stylish addition to your saree styling. They not only hold the saree styling in place but also accentuate the waist, adding definition and highlighting your curves. Choose from a wide range of belts – from traditional gold ones to contemporary leather ones – to complement your saree styling.
  1. Footwear: Footwear is an essential accessory that can elevate your saree styling. Heels or wedges add height, making your posture look elegant and your body proportions more balanced. They also help the saree styling fall better, enhancing your overall look.
  1. Clutches or Potli Bags: A beautifully designed clutch or a traditional potli bag can be the perfect companion for your saree styling. Choose one that complements your saree styling and can hold your essentials.


Saree styling is an art, a beautiful symphony of understanding your body type, and using the right saree draping style to enhance your natural beauty. Every body type has its unique charm, and with the right saree wearing style, one can highlight their best features and feel confident, radiant, and empowered.

The saree for women is more than just a garment – it is a canvas for women to express their individuality, personality, and sense of style. From the traditional saree wearing style to the innovative, new saree draping styles, there is a perfect saree for every woman, irrespective of her body type. So, celebrate the beauty of the saree styling, embrace the diverse types of saree draping, and let your individuality shine with grace and panache.