Revisiting Ekaya X Masaba Collaboration

Revisiting Ekaya X Masaba Collaboration


Looking back at one of our most iconic collaborations, in 2019, a surprisingly unconventional pairing took place where Ekaya and Masaba Gupta decided to blur the lines between tradition and quirk. What followed was nothing short of a creative explosion, where sarees met the cricket pitch and traditional weaves grooved with quirky designs.

In a whirlwind of creativity, our timeless Banarasi weaving techniques collided head-on with Masaba’s fearless experimentation where handwoven silks became the canvas for a masterpiece that exuded freshness, eccentric influence and memorability.

Think polka dots mingling with checks, horns intertwined with Tamil scriptures and cherry blossoms blooming in a riot of colours—all woven into one kaleidoscopic collection! This collaboration was a celebration of breaking stereotypes and redefining boundaries.

Crafted over long hours of labor, each piece bore the mark of meticulous craftsmanship, with every thread woven with precision and care.

The journey from ideation to execution had been inspirational, tons of fun and experimental.

The dynamic duo had bigger dreams, a clear vision for their muse—the young, urban woman to embrace the saree as an extension of their modern vision, to don a saree like a boss without any fuss and challenge conventions. And what better way to showcase this fusion of tradition and modernity than on a cricket pitch, gleefully kicking stereotypes to the curb.

The finesse of Ekaya's weaving techniques beautifully intertwined with House of Masaba's iconic monochrome aesthetic. Each drape told a story—from Old-Pressed Florals to Vintage Nibs, it was a delightful symphony of colours and unconventional motifs fused in silhouettes that were simple yet thought-provoking, a perfect blend of classic and contemporary."

“There’s nothing you can’t do in a saree,” asserted Palak and Masaba. ‘It’s a myth that a sari makes it difficult to do certain things. There’s nothing you can do in pants, skirts or jeans that you can’t do in a sari”. The duo urged woman to unleash their limiting imagination and discover the many ways in which a saree can be carried off.

A testament to the power of creativity and collaboration that dared to defy conventions and celebrate the beauty of breaking boundaries. As we revisit this iconic collaboration, we're reminded that innovation knows no bounds and true beauty lies in embracing the unexpected with confidence and a sprinkle of quirkiness!

These pieces are now part of our archival collection, representing a momentous chapter in our brand's journey. While they are no longer in production, they remain as cherished artifacts of our collaboration. 

If you are interested in acquiring one of these archival pieces to add to your collection, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.