EKAYA x Kunal Rawal ‘22

EKAYA x Kunal Rawal ‘22

Discover the richness of Banarasi textiles for men, redefined in a way you’ve never seen before! We had been toying with the idea of menswear for a while and the only person we had on our radar and wish-list was Kunal Rawal. Kunal’s aesthetics were India cool and not overly experimental. It has that classy and statement-y look, which is what Ekaya is all about.

Ekaya X Kunal Rawal, was an exceptional collaboration that took place in ‘22 and also marked Ekaya’s debut luxury occasion-wear collection for men; where classic met modern, traditional embraced contemporary resulting in a game-changing collection that was everything smart, sharp and unapologetically stylish.

We wanted to show that weaving in all its glory can actually fit into menswear seamlessly in a stylish yet masculine way and so, together we set out to reclaim brocade for men, shattering stereotypes and redefining sophistication with every weave.

For quite some time, men's occasion wear had been polarised with options either leaning heavily towards extreme maximalism or remaining utterly plain, lacking even minimal embellishment. This emphasised the significance of catering to the middle ground in occasion wear, tending to the consumers seeking a balanced approach.

We found the sweet spot between uber maximalism and understated basics. A world where Banarasi brocades reign, weaving it’s refined magic into jackets, kurtas, dhotis and layered ensembles. The unique colour palette danced between ivory, beige, dark wine, blush pink and cobalt blue, offering a spectrum of sophistication. The idea was to let people have fun while they mixed-matched.

Designed from an androgynous approach, the pieces spoke all about modern aesthetics fused with washouts and signature frays along with fun detailing like intricate thread work, delicate sequined highlights and mesmerising beadwork. Every detail sang a symphony of craftsmanship embracing modern India, evolving aesthetics while making it relevant for the young and eclectic India.

The collection was nothing short of a stylist's playground, offering endless possibilities where versatility met functionality. The pieces seamlessly transitioned between masculine and stylish, embodying a sense of the urban India without being too experimental. Each piece narrates a story, whether there’s a mehndi ceremony, an after-party extravaganza or a cozy date night, there's a cherished piece laying in anticipation, waiting to be worn.

This was not just menswear, it was a masterpiece in motion, a testament to the timeless future of menswear–stylish, sophisticated and oh-so Ekaya!

These pieces are now part of our archival collection, representing a memorable chapter in our brand's journey. If you wish to acquire one of these archival pieces to add to your collection, please reach out to us at www.ekaya.in