Dear Bridesmaids, Here's How You Can Make a Statement in Ethnic Wear

Dear Bridesmaids, Here's How You Can Make a Statement in Ethnic Wear

Dear bridesmaids, the clock is ticking, and the wedding bells are about to chime. As the bride's closest allies and confidants, your role extends beyond supporting her; it's about making a statement while you stand by her side. Indian weddings are not just ceremonies; they're a canvas of colour, culture, and charisma. And nothing paints this canvas better than ethnic wear. From the classic ethnic wear salwar suit to the elegance of a saree and the grandeur of a lehenga, let’s discover how you can shine!

The Significance of Bridesmaids in Indian Tradition

In Indian weddings, bridesmaids are more than just the bride’s friends; they are an integral part of the nuptial tapestry. Representing unity, love, and the bond of sisterhood, bridesmaids are the bride's pillars, her emotional backbone. Their outfits, thus, become emblematic of this role. Whether donning an ethnic wear salwar suit, draping a saree, or twirling in a lehenga, each choice is a reflection of tradition, personal style, and the bond with the bride.

The Ethnic Wear Advantage

Ethnic wear for women in India isn't just about clothing; it's a legacy, a tale of heritage passed down through generations. Here's what makes it special:

  • Versatility: From the evergreen saree to the contemporary ethnic wear salwar suit, there's an option for every bridesmaid out there.

  • Richness: The intricate embroideries, the detailed work, and the rich fabrics used in ethnic clothing are unparalleled.

  • Tradition Meets Trend: Modern designers are continuously innovating, bringing a fresh twist to traditional ethnic wear for women. Today's lehenga might carry an age-old motif but with a contemporary silhouette.

Coordinating with the Bride

While it's essential for bridesmaids to shine, it's equally important to ensure that the bride remains the centrepiece of this grand affair. Coordination is the key:

  • Colour Palette: If the bride chooses a ruby red lehenga, bridesmaids can opt for softer shades or contrasting hues in their ethnic wear salwar suits or sarees.

  • Design Harmony: If the bride's saree or lehenga is heavy on embellishments, bridesmaids can opt for simpler ethnic clothing or vice versa.

  • Accessorising: Complement the bride's jewellery and accessories, creating a cohesive look.

Choosing the Right Ethnic Outfits

  • Ethnic Wear Salwar Suit: A universal ensemble, the salwar suit is perfect for bridesmaids who prioritise comfort and style. With variations like Anarkali, Patiala, or straight-cut, it caters to diverse tastes.

  • Saree: A saree offers a canvas to showcase one’s style. From traditional drapes to modern wraps, a saree can be moulded to fit any body type and style.

  • Lehenga: A symbol of festivity, the lehenga is perfect for those looking to make a statement. From flared to fish-cut, A-line to ruffled, the choices are vast.

When selecting ethnic wear for women, body type, personal preference, and the wedding theme should guide the choices, ensuring each bridesmaid feels confident and radiant.


Dear bridesmaids, in the grand theatre of Indian weddings, your role is indispensable. And while the love and camaraderie you bring are irreplaceable, making a statement in ethnic clothing adds to the celebration. Whether you're swaying in a saree, gracefully moving in an ethnic wear salwar suit, or dancing in a lehenga, remember to wear your confidence. After all, ethnic wear for women is not just about fabrics and patterns; it's about celebrating oneself amidst traditions and trends. So, adorn that saree, flaunt that lehenga, and let your ethnic wear salwar suit shimmer because this is your moment to shine!