Celebrity Showstoppers: Iconic Moments of Stars in Ekaya Sarees

Celebrity Showstoppers: Iconic Moments of Stars in Ekaya Sarees

From the vast expanse of India’s diverse culture arises the saree, a timeless attire representing elegance, history, and craftsmanship. The saree, in its myriad forms—be it a shimmering organza saree or an intricate Banarasi saree—has found unwavering patronage in celebrities. Ekaya, a torchbearer of traditional craftsmanship in the realm of sarees, stands as a testament to this appreciation. When celebrities grace the public eye adorned in Ekaya, they are making more than just a sartorial statement; they are echoing a resonant message about the imperativeness of nurturing and supporting our rich textile and artisanal heritage.

Celebrities and Ekaya Sarees: A Fusion of Elegance and Advocacy

The spotlight that celebrities command brings with it an unparalleled influence. Each time they opt for a traditional saree, especially one from a brand as rooted as Ekaya, they amplify the message of the importance and beauty of India's handloom sector. The fusion of the modern celebrity image with the age-old elegance of a silk sareedesigner saree, or Banarasi saree becomes an act of cultural reiteration, reminding us of the need to preserve and promote our textile traditions.

Unveiling Iconic Moments

Celebrity influence on fashion trends is indomitable:

  • Sobhita Dhulipala, with her ethereal charm, draped in a solid hued Iro saree, directs countless admirers to the magnificence of a traditional saree online, with a modern twist.

  • Alia Bhatt, a beacon of modern cinema, in a Yellow Silk saree, creates a harmonious blend of youthful energy and timeless tradition.

  • Bollywood stalwarts like Madhuri Dixit and Karishma Kapoor, who have championed the saree for decades, reinforce the garment's everlasting appeal by choosing handloom silk sarees from Ekaya.

The Elegance of Styling and Its Broader Implications

While sarees inherently possess a classic allure, especially distinguished types like the silk saree or organza saree, the personalised touch celebrities introduce, accentuates its splendour. Their nuanced styling choices, from pairing the saree with heirloom jewellery, choosing handcrafted clutches, to sporting traditional footwear, paints a holistic picture. These choices highlight not just the beauty of the saree but also promote other associated crafts, playing a pivotal role in the broader artisanal ecosystem.

Celebrities Reviving Traditional Artistry

Every handloom saree, like the ones from Ekaya, is a narrative—of hands that intricately weave, of looms that rhythmically move, and of traditions that have stood the test of time. When celebrities, ranging from the eloquent Dia Mirza to the versatile Guneet Monga, embrace these sarees, they become advocates of a vital cause.

This advocacy isn’t passive. Their choices propel a shift in consumer behaviour. They guide their vast followers to not only appreciate but also invest in handloom and handmade. It's a clarion call against the backdrop of fast fashion, urging a reconnection with our roots. This patronage offers artisans the recognition they deserve, enabling them to thrive and ensuring that these age-old techniques are passed down, keeping the art alive and vibrant.


In an era where celebrities hold significant sway over societal trends, their choices, especially in fashion, resonate deeply. As they embrace Ekaya sarees, from the effervescent Tara Sutaria to the unparalleled Vidya Balan, they wear more than a piece of fabric; they wear history, tradition, and stories. They symbolise a bridge between the contemporary and the classic. Through their unwavering support, these luminaries not only shape the fashion choices of countless admirers but also underscore the resurgence of craft patronage, ensuring a bright future for artisans and weaving a tapestry of cultural preservation.