Adorning Traditions: Unique Jewellery Pairings with Ekaya's Sarees

Adorning Traditions: Unique Jewellery Pairings with Ekaya's Sarees

Jewelry and sarees are the soul and heart of India's rich cultural tapestry. Together, they weave a symphony of tradition, elegance, and style that resonates deeply with the country's heritage. When an exquisite piece from Ekaya's saree collection intertwines with carefully chosen jewellery, the resultant look is nothing short of ethereal. In this expansive narrative, we journey through the intricate pathways of sarees and their bejewelled companions, exploring the ancient, embracing the modern, and celebrating the fusion.

Ekaya's Saree Collection

Ekaya stands as a beacon of unmatched excellence in the realm of traditional textiles. Their collection is a mosaic of designs, each telling a distinct story. The regal splendour of the Banarasi saree, the timeless allure of the silk saree, and the delicate whispers of the organza saree symbolise the brand's commitment to authenticity and innovation. From the deep, velvety shades of a Kanjivaram saree and the enigmatic depths of a black saree to the fresh and experimental vibes of a designer saree, Ekaya crafts narratives that resonate with every woman. Each saree for women isn't just a garment; it's a testament to the tapestry of Indian craftsmanship.

The Art of Saree Draping

The real magic unfolds when a saree is draped. The beauty of a saree comes alive in its drape - the flowing pallu of a Banarasi saree capturing attention or the meticulously pleated Kanjivaram saree reflecting traditional grandeur. Over the years, draping styles have evolved, embracing modern twists. Whether it's an ethereal organza saree draped in a Grecian style or a black saree given a modern makeover with a belt, the art of draping is ever-evolving.

Traditional Jewellery Styles

No saree is complete without the spellbinding allure of traditional jewellery:

1. Temple Jewelry with Kanjivaram Saree: Pairing the grandeur of a Kanjivaram saree with temple jewellery, adorned with sacred motifs, creates a divine aura.

2. Jadau and Kundan with Banarasi Saree: The intricate work of Jadau or Kundan, with their embedded gemstones, enhances the inherent richness of a Banarasi saree.

3. Silver Tribal Jewellery with Black Saree: The earthy tones of silver tribal jewellery juxtaposed with a sultry black saree fuses tradition with edge.

4. Polki Sets with Silk Saree: Polki jewellery, with its royal vibes, complements the sophistication of a silk saree, creating a look fit for queens.

Contemporary Fusion  

The world of fashion thrives on innovation:

1. Chokers with Organza Saree: Marrying the lightweight, sheer beauty of an organza saree with a bold choker necklace strikes a balance between subtlety and statement.

2. Ear Cuffs with Designer Saree: Ear cuffs, a modern jewellery marvel, paired with a designer saree, creates a harmonious blend of edgy and elegant.

3. Layered Necklaces with Silk Saree: Contemporary layered necklaces, when draped around the neck with a traditional silk saree, makes for a breathtaking ensemble.

4. Body Chains with Black Saree: A body chain, with its unique style, wrapped over a black sareecrafts a mesmerising fusion look.


The beautiful blend of sarees and jewellery has narrated countless stories throughout India's history. With its extensive range, from the opulent Banarasi saree and lush silk saree to the minimalist organza saree and avant-garde designer saree, Ekaya invites every woman to script her own tale. When paired thoughtfully with jewellery, the saree for women transcends mere clothing, becoming an emblem of grace, strength, and individuality. Dive into this alluring dance of fabric and gems, and let your ensemble echo your unique spirit.