6 Lightweight Outfit Options for the Bride's Best Friend

6 Lightweight Outfit Options for the Bride's Best Friend

As the bride's closest companion, your role in her wedding celebrations is as important as the event itself. At Ekaya, we understand the importance of blending grace, comfort, and style. We delve into five lightweight outfits, including suits, that are ideal for the bride's best friend. Our collection of handwoven sarees, suits, lehengas, dupattas, and customisable unstitched fabrics offers a varied selection to ensure you exude effortless elegance while fulfilling your duties as the bride's confidante. From the haldi and cocktail to the wedding, mehendi, and reception, here's all the wedding guest style inspiration you need to be the most perfect bridesmaid.

When in Doubt, Wear a Saree

Ekaya gracefully melds tradition with modernity in their stunning bridesmaid sarees. The collection boasts inventive designs, striking colour schemes, and chic draping techniques, giving bridesmaids the perfect canvas to express their unique style. Opt for sarees crafted with lightweight fabrics that ensure comfort without compromising the regal feel. Bridesmaids can effortlessly carry themselves with grace and poise throughout the festivities.



Twirl in a Lehenga 

Ekaya's bridesmaid lehengas epitomises sophistication, seamlessly blending traditional elements with a modern flair. From opulent fabrics to a stunning array of colours, each piece is handcrafted meticulously, inviting bridesmaids to immerse themselves in a couture experience that captures the moment's essence. Let Ekaya's exquisite lehengas elevate your wedding festivities, making each garment a treasured memory in its own right.



Embrace the Comfort of a Suit 

Regarding Ekaya's suit designs, comfort is given top priority. Bridesmaids can fully enjoy themselves as they dance, participate in rituals, and join the celebrations without sacrificing style. Using lightweight fabrics and carefully crafted cuts ensures that comfort and fashion go hand in hand. Ekaya's suits possess a classic charm that goes beyond fleeting trends. The meticulously crafted pieces make bridesmaids look breathtaking on a special day and also serve as a versatile addition to their wardrobes for future occasions.




At Ekaya, we believe that the bride's best friend deserves an outfit that not only complements the grandeur of the occasion or the bride’s outfit but also reflects her unique personal style. Our collection of handwoven sarees, suits, lehengas, dupattas, and customisable unstitched fabrics offers diverse lightweight options. From timeless Banarasi silk sarees to modern suits, we invite you to explore our collection and find the perfect ensemble that ensures you look and feels your best throughout the wedding celebrations.